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Organization Charter


Chiao Tung University/Jiao Tung University Alumni Association of Greater Houston Area

or CTUAA/JTUAA-Houston

1. Name: The name of this association shall be the Chiao Tung University/Jiao Tung University Alumni Association of Greater Houston Area or "CTUAA/JTUAA-Houston", which is a Chapter of Chiao Tung (Jiao Tung) University Alumni Association of America (CTUAAA/JTUAAA).

2. Objectives: The Objectives of this Association shall be as follows:
a. To develop the unity of spirit among the alumni,
b. To promote interest, concern and well-being of its members of greater Houston area,
c. To form a link between the Alma Mater and its sons and daughters,
d. To act by following the relationship between this Chapter and CTUAAA/JTUAAA, and
e. To hold general gathering for fellowship.
The CTUAA/JTUAA-Houston is a non-profit, non-political organization.

3. Organization and Membership: All men and women, who have studied or taught at each campus of Chiao Tung (Jiao Tung) Universities, can form one campus-based alumni association. CTUAA/JTUAA-Houston is a joint association of individual CTU/JTU campus-based alumni associations. A member in the individual campus-based alumni association shall be the member of CTUAA/JTUAA-Houston by default. For those alumni, not having campus-based alumni association in the Greater Houston Area, shall be the members of CTUAA/JTUAA-Houston directly. A person can be honored as member upon a unanimous vote of the Association Officers.

4. Officers: The officers of the Chapter shall be President, Vice-president and members of the Executive Committee. Each term of officers shall be two years, from July to June two years later. Members of the Executive committee shall be elected from individual campus alumni association. Each campus shall have up 6 members on the Executive Committee. Total number of executive committee members shall not be over 20. The Executive Committee elects President and Vice-president among its members. President and Vice-president shall serve a two-year term and cannot be re-elected for the consecutive terms. At the end of each 2-year term, vice president will become president and the Executive Committee shall elect a new vice president. Ex-Presidents will become Board of Advisors..
All officers of the CTUAA/JTUAA-Houston work for the Association are strictly on volunteer basis. The President shall represent CTUAA/JTUAA-Houston to CTUAAA/JTUAAA for events/activities related to our Alma Mater. Should the President not be able to represent, Vice President or any Executive Committee Members appointed by the President shall represent. No Officers or any members shall represent CTUAA/JTUAA-Houston to any political activities.

5. Dues & Subscriptions: The amount of annual dues shall be set by the Executive Committee. The dues shall be exempted for full-time students. The member shall have the obligation to pay the annual dues, The subscriptions shall be optional to the members.

6. General Gatherings: The President of CTUAA/JTUAA-Houston, working with presidents of individual campus alumni associations, shall call general meeting of call members from time to time. The purpose of this meeting is to foster the fellowship and promote interaction of members from different campuses. Meeting notice shall be sent at least thirty (30) days in advance to all members for each gathering.

7. Reunion Attending: The Chapter officers shall endeavor to organize for members to attend the Reunion organized by CTUAAA/JTUAAA.

8. Scholarship: CTUAA/JTUAA-Houston shall award scholarship to its members and their immediate family if sufficient funding can be obtained. A scholarship committee, appointed by the Executive Committee, shall handle all matters regarding scholarship.

9. Resignation and Impeachment: Officers can resign from his/her position by submitting a notice of resignation to the Executive Committee one month in advance. If President resigns, Vice President will become President for the remaining term. Executive Committee shall elect a new vice president for the remaining term. If any member of the Executive Committee resigns from the Committee, the campus-based alumni association he/she represents will name a replacement for the remaining term. Any officer can be impeached by a unanimous vote by the Executive Committee.

10. Adoption of the By-laws: This By-laws shall be passed and adopted by a majority vote at the initiation meeting of CTUAA/JTUAA-Houston with majority of members attending.

11. Amendment: Any alternations to these By-laws shall be submitted to the President duly proposed by a member and endorsed by at least 10 members. The Executive Committee shall study the proposal and call a general meeting of members within 3 months after receiving the proposal. The alternation shall be adopted by a vote no less than two-thirds of the members present in the meeting.